For all multi-seed, precision market-garden seeders.

Micro-granule applicators :

Micro-granule applicators :

There are different types of micro granules ; some are authorized in organic farming. EBRA offers the SEPEBA variable capacity microgranule applicator, with a stainless-steel rotor, one of the most accurate on the market. It spreads all types of micro granules (insecticides, slug pellets, fertilizer) in the seed-furrow or on the surface behind the seed. It’s driven directly from the seeder for FPS (Flow-rate proportional to ground-speed) application.
Compatible models : Manual Towed (except MS 24)

Fertiliser spreaders :

Fertiliser spreaders:

SEPEBA’s “Fertidoseur” fertiliser spreaders are versatile: they can spread granulated or pelleted fertilisers, whether organic or mineral. Their variable capacity rotor allows for FPS (Flow-rate proportional to ground-speed) application, because they’re driven directly from the seeder.
Compatible models: Manual and towed (except MS 24)

Pressing roller :

Pressing roller:

In certain conditions, rolling the earth before or after seeding gives a better yield. A roller with width adapted to the seeder can therefore replace the frame-beam for mounting the units.
Compatible models: Towed

Spreader seed-boot :

Spreader seed-boot :

An interesting alternative to sowing in double lines : it allows small seeds to be sowed evenly on an 8 cm strip, which is useful to make optimum use of the ground for crops such as radishes, carrots...
Compatible models : Manual and towed MS 21, MS 22, MS 23

Rubber rear wheel :

Rubber rear wheel :

For sticky soils, the rear press-wheel can be replaced by a rubberwheel that reduces soil-adherence. It simply replaces the original wheel, offering you the same comfort of use.
Compatible models : Manual and towed (MS 21)

Reducer-plate for Hopper-Base :

Reducer-plate for Hopper-Base:

To sow small quantities of small seeds, we supply a hopper-base plate that allows the seed-plate to take seed practically up to the end (in our tests: less than 1 gram of seed remaining at the end of seeding).
Compatible models: Manual and towed

Press-wheel :

Press-wheel :

If you want to press the seeds before covering them with soil, the press wheel is fitted directly behind the seed-boots, in front of the skimmers, finishing the work of the weighted rear-wheel.
Compatible models : Manual and towed (except MS 24)

Adjustable, turning handle :

Adjustable, turning handle:

In some cases the handle of the seed-drill can be a hindrance, for example when sowing in glasshouses. By letting you get as close as possible to the edges, the adjustable, turning handle helps you to get the most out of your tunnels.
Compatible models: Manual

Lifting hook for seeding unit(s) :

Lifting hook for seeding unit(s) :

This hook allows you to disable a unit in a few seconds, for example if you need to sow a ridge with 3 rows using a 4-row seeder. A detachable beam extension for sowing on wider strips is also available.
Compatible models : Towed MS 21 type

Stone and clod removers :

Stone and clod removers:

To avoid the nuisance of clods or stones, a heightadjustable, easy-to-position clod-remover lets you eject them on the side.
Compatible models: Manual and towed

Tool-box :

Tool-box :

Fitted on the seeder-handle, here you can store plates you don’t need as well as several sachets of seeds.
It is supplied with 2 spanners for adjusting the seed-drill (10 and 13).
Compatible models : Manual

Weights :


In order to weight the seeder and thus get better pressing by the rearwheel, we supply a set of weights - 2.5 kg each, which can be mounted onto each sowing unit (they’re fitted onto the long-prong skimmers, accommodating from 1 to 4 weights.
Compatible models: Manual and towed

If you require more options not listed here, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll examine together how best to meet your needs. Because we want to be totally focused on our clients !

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