SU 201 - The precision seed-drill for large-scale seedings & difficult conditions

SU 201 - The precision seed-drill for large-scale seedings & difficult conditions
SU 201 - The precision seed-drill for large-scale seedings & difficult conditions
SU 201 - The precision seed-drill for large-scale seedings & difficult conditions

An efficient, sturdy seed-drill

The SU 201 seed-drill is one of EBRA’s most appreciated seed-drills. It’s true that it’s particularly suitable for large-scale seeding as well as difficult terrains (heavy or stony soils, even roughly-prepared). Its weight - heavier than the market-garden versions - as well as its design – give it very good soil-adherence, and its sturdiness allows it to withstand the stronger stresses of large-scale crop seeding.

Built for difficult conditions

The sowing coulters have been specially designed to provide maximum penetration in the big majority of types of soil. The spiked drive-wheel is made of heavy-duty steel so as to avoid any risk of slipping and gives the seeder a very stable base. Basically, thanks to its modularity, reliability, precision seed-depth control and its versatility, the SU 201 easily suits most farming conditions as well as their potential evolution.

Independent seeding units

Each seeding unit is composed of an inclined aluminium distribution plate (see “The Principle” section) which is driven independently by the unit’s wheel. In this way, the units are completely independent from each other : this allows very easy modification of the number of lines and the inter-row spacing and also gives the option of sowing different crops from one row to the next in one pass.

It follows the seed-bed

Each seeder-unit rests on its rear-wheel and thus follows the irregularities of the ground. In addition, the depth is easily and accurately adjusted by means of a screw-in lever. A seeding unit can be quickly removed or moved, by simply unscrewing two bolts, allowing easy removal or addition of units. The support-chain also allows one or several unit(s) to be neutralised without removing it/them. This is another aspect of the versatility of the SU 201.

Easy to use

One of the main advantages that EBRA seed-drills are noted for is - they’re easy to use :
- change the plate or set the density in just a few minutes – without needing any tools
- very accurate setting of the depth – without needing any tools
- complete flexibility of the number of rows, as well as the spacing between rows
- instant emptying drain-shutter
- low traction-power required : a mini-tractor is enough

Technical specification sheet

For 1 unit:
Length: 115 cm - Width: 24 cm - Height: 45 cm Weight: 33 Kg – Square-beam (80 mm) frame with steel support wheels - Width of seed-drill: 2.8 m (other widths as options)
Standard: 19 depth settings by interchangeable sprockets – depth setting by screw-in lever – instant-emptying shutter – 6 L aluminium hopper – adjustable, removable skimmers.

Several options to meet your needs:

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